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Mini pig ownership can be an amazing experience. Being prepared, and knowing what to expect will ensure a happy home, and no surprises. We will touch on a few points, but we highly recommend you visit the American Mini Pig Association website, along with the Juliana Pig Association for more information, breed standards, and ethics expected of breeders.

Spay And Neuter

All of our pigs go home spayed, neutered, microchipped, current on deworming and veterinarian checked. We start littler box training and socialization with a care package including Sharp’s Mini Pig Food.



We Grow

Mini pigs aren’t babies forever. By age 5 they weigh 60-150 pounds.

How big will my Miniature Pig be when he or she is an adult? Miniature Pigs grow until they are 5 years old. A good indication of how big your Miniature pig will be is by the size of their parents. Making sure the parents are adults is very important as well. Chose a registered breeder to make sure the age is 100% accurate. For more information or to answer any questions please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Pigs Need handling

Pigs require lots of love and handling, Ensuring they get this from an early age will build trust, as they are not naturally trusting like dogs are.

Straight Talk


– There is no such thing as a “teacup” pig, micro pig, nano, pocket pig etc. There are mini pigs! They do not stay like the cute baby pictures you see. The average minipig will grow to be 60 to 150 pounds, and about 15″ tall at the shoulder. Adult pigs, age 5 years or older, under 60 pounds are very rare. In contrast, full size “regular” pigs used in the food and farm industry can be over 1000 pounds!

– Pigs and children are not always a good fit. It is said that a pig has the intellect of a 3 or 4 year old child, Pigs may be the smartest domestic animals in the world. The New York Times reports on researchers who have found that domestic pigs can use mirrors to find their food, and will try to deceive other pigs so they can “hog” more food. They also learn quickly and can do tricks ranging from jumping through hoops to playing video games with joysticks. Pigs need lots of attention, and they can get very loud when they are unhappy or bored

– Pigs must be spayed or neutered, or they do not make good pets. They are moody, aggressive, smelly, difficult to house train, and the females have an extremely high risk of cancer. PLEASE spay and neuter, all pets we provide are!

– Pigs and dogs should never be left alone and unsupervised.

– Check your zoning. Not every city or town allows pigs as pets.

– Piglets should never be sent home as bottle babies. This leads to death more often than it ends in a happy healthy pig. Recommended age for placing pigs in a new home is 12 weeks after proper weaning and socialization. If you are offered a piglet under 6 weeks, please ask if it can stay with mom until 6 weeks.

Parent pigs should be at least 1 year old to reproduce, but keep in mind they will grow until they are 3 to 5 years old. To get a good idea of your piglets parents, make sure you know their ages.

Pigs require lots of love and handling, Ensuring they get this from an early age will build trust, as they are not naturally trusting like dogs are.

Pigs can make amazing and wonderful pets!

Please visit the American Mini Pig Association Website for more details!


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